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Lineberger Memorial Library

Mission and Vision

Library Vision Statement
The Lenoir-Rhyne University Libraries are the destination for information for our communities.

Library Mission Statement
In support of the mission of the University, the Lenoir-Rhyne University Libraries provide exceptional physical and virtual environments to engage our communities in learning.

Five Year Strategic Plan Statement

By 2017, Lenoir-Rhyne University Libraries will create optimal physical and virtual learning environments where knowledgeable, service-oriented staff members provide information and instructional services in support of the mission of the University.

The staff members of the libraries will review the plan each year and make adjustments as necessary.

Goal 1. Highly Trained Staff

By 2017, to provide exceptional service to the community, Lenoir-Rhyne University Libraries will each have a staff where every member has acquired the reference, functional, and service skills to serve the information and other relevant needs of the students, the faculty and the staff.

Goal 2. Instruction and Learning

By 2017, to provide excellent and thorough instruction and engagement in learning to students in all programs, all the Libraries will use every means possible to promote information literacy.

Goal 3. Collections

By 2017, Rudisill and Lineberger Libraries will enhance the usefulness its collections by consistent weeding of its print materials and expansion of its electronic collections to serve its other campuses to enhance patrons' library experience.

Goal 4. Physical and Virtual Environment

To enhance patrons' library experience, by 2017 Rudisill and Lineberger Libraries will make its facilities more inviting, intuitive and safer by remodeling or refurbishing public areas.

Goal 5. Community

To provide communication and cooperation with students, faculty, and other units on campus, with external communities, and with other libraries and consortia, by 2017 the Libraries will cultivate collaborative relationships with these communities.