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Bible Commentaries in Lineberger Library

Questions & Criteria

Evaluate picture

Evaluate all information carefully. Web sites present additional challenges. Use the evaluation criteria below to determine the quality of information sources.   


What is the source trying to do: entertain? persuade? sell? inform?   


Who's responsible for the information? author? publisher? Are references included? 


Is the information correct?  true?  How does it compare with others?


Is it inherently biased?  Are there other sides to the story?


Is the information up-to-date?  timely?


How much detail is included?  What's excluded?

For more information, consult the USM Library’s Evaluating Web Resources guide, or Evaluating Web Pages (UC Berkley) for more in-depth evaluation criteria.

Citation Generators and Style Guides

For online journal articles, see if the database offers a formatted citation in the style you need. Check it for accuracy, because the vendor makes no guarantees, and formatting can change when you copy/ paste into a new file.

EasyBib (also generates parenthetical citations)


Citation Machine 

Make Citation 

NoodleTools (use the express version. Tutorials available on the website.) 

Purdue University OWL 

Turabian Quick Guide