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Self-Care for K-12 Educators

Burnout Resources


Screening Tools

  • Stress Screener: A brief screener from MHA to assess your current stress levels
  • Perceived Stress Scale: A classic stress assessment instrument for helping us understand how different situations affect our feelings and our perceived stress
  • Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale: A tool that evaluates the impact of stressors on health and the likelihood of health breakdown in the next two years
  • How Burned Out Are You? A Scale for Teachers: A four-stage framework can help teachers understand the burnout process—and what they can do to protect their well-being and career. From Eduotopia

Vicarious Trauma Resources

  • ​​​​​​​The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit: A resource from the Office for Victims of Crime that includes nearly 500 resources to assist in raising awareness about and addressing vicarious trauma.
  • Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL): A self-assessment tool to assess the negative and positive effects of helping others for those who have experienced trauma and suffering. 

  • Helping Teachers Manage the Weight of TraumaUnderstanding and managing the effects of secondary traumatic stress for educators. From Harvard Graduate School of Education