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The Library at the Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville

Off-Campus Password


We're currently updating our off-campus login. For a short time you will use one of two logins depending on which logo you see when you access our library resources.

If you see this logo, use your standard
Lenoir-Rhyne email/password login just like
you're logging into Canvas.
black and white lenoir-rhyne login
If you see this logo:
For username, enter your last name.
For password, enter "lr" followed by your ID card number omitting any leading zeros.
To find your LR ID card number, go to Self-Service: My LR.
Click “My Profile” then select “Account Information”. Your ID number is your System ID.


appalachian college association logo

We will soon be moved entirely to the new login system and your standard LR login will be the only one you use. Have questions? Ask us.