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The Library at the Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville


An article is "a self-contained nonfiction prose composition on a fairly narrow topic or subject, written by one or more authors and published under a separate title in a collection or periodical containing other works of the same form" (Dictionary of Library and Information Science).

Article typically contain current information on a fairly narrow topic. They can be first or secondary sources, and are included popular and scholarly publications. Check out these Categories of Information pages for more information.

Different types of articles can be found by searching the library databases. 

If you know what database to search within, use the "Databases by Title" button below to see an A-Z list of all the databases.

To choose a database containing journal articles pertaining to a specific subject, select the "Databases by Subject" button. From there, select a subject to find a list of related databases. 


Not sure where to start? The Summon search box on the library homepage is a Google-like search box, where you can search for an article within multiple databases at once.

Looking for a specific article and can't find it in our collections? Asheville students can order articles using Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Articles are delivered straight your LR email address, typically within 2-3 days.