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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Creating OER and Combining Licenses

OER Hosting Platforms

After creating, revising, and/or remixing OER, you will want to make your resources available to the public. Platforms will help you with the creation and management of your OER projects by helping you easily save resources/materials during the organization of a course. All platforms listed below are free to use.

Open Attribution Builder

The 5Rs of OER

OERs are published under an open license (such as a Creative Commons license) that allow anyone to reuse, revise, remix, redistribute, and retain the materials, making using OERs easy and flexible. For those creating OERs, it allows a creator to easily specify permissions while still sharing the work with others.

The following resources can help you adopt OER or create your own. For more information on interpretting a CC license, please visit our Creative Commons License page

5Rs image by David Wiley, Lumen Learning, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Tutorials & Webinars

Toolkits & Guides