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Literature Review

Come up with Keywords

Keywords are the most important words or phrases that describe your topic. For example, if your paper is based on the question, "Are we taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity?" then your keywords could be: fast food and obesity. A search strategy in a database may look like this: "fast food" and obesity and (america or united states)

Search tips for Literature Reviews

  • Cites/Cited by tools
    • When you find a really good article, be sure to look at where it's been cited and what sources it cites
  • “More like this”/ Related results
    • When you find a really good article, be sure to select "related results" or "more like this" features within the interface you are searching
  • Suggested subject headings/ thesaurus
    • Always review the subject headings or disciplines related to your search and consider adding them to your search
  • Include pertinent synonyms
    • Be sure to "OR" in synonyms for your keywords so you are not missing relevant results. For more on using Boolean terms like OR, be sure to watch the Summon: Advanced Search Tips and Tricks video 
  • Find other literature reviews
    • Literature reviews are often published works, add the phrase "literature review" and/or "meta-analysis" to your searches to help find them

For more information on the  research process go to Research Process LibGuide.