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Undergraduate Research

This LibGuide will provide an overview of the research process, finding and evaluating information, and appropriate use of citation for undergraduate students completing a research project.

Developing a Thesis Statement or Hypothesis

Take a look at the following guides and worksheets for creating a thesis statement or hypothesis: 

Thesis Statements by The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Writing Thesis Statements worksheet by Sterling College. 

Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements by Purdue OWL


Sources for Background Information to Select a Research Problem

The Research Process

Seven Steps of the Research Process

  1. Develop your thesis statement or hypothesis.
  2. Locate background information about your problem/question.
  3. Find books on your topic.
  4. Find articles on your topic.
  5. Find internet resources on your topic.
  6. Evaluate the information you have gathered.
  7. Cite the information you use to allow others to follow your research trail and add the scholarly conversation.


The Research Process (Video)

Writing Resources