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Physician Assistant Studies Program

This guide provides access to the most pertinent resources for PAS students.

Medical Apps and Mobilized Websites

This page contains information about medical applications and mobile optimized websites that you will find useful for research, clinical practice, and patient education. Some of the resources listed are available free to everyone, some are available to you at no cost through Rudisill Library subscriptions and others you will need to purchase before using.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive. Emphasis is on free apps and key resources for PAS students. Suggestions for updates and new additions are always welcome!

It is important to remember that medical apps are currently unregulated.  There are good medical apps as well as those that are not so good.  As with any information resource, evaluate all apps using your evidence-based decision making skills. Use ABACUS criteria, linked below, as a framework for evaluating apps. Another helpful resource is  iMedicalApps, a blog written by physicians and health analysts that rates the apps on quality and usability.

Free Medical Apps

Library Resources

These resources are provided for students and faculty by Rudisill Library subscriptions. You do not need to purchase these apps, but you may need to create an account while on the LRU  internet network  before accessing them  off-campus.