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Sustainability Studies

Subject guide for the Master of Science in Sustainability Studies

Off-Campus Access

If you are off-campus and link to licensed resources, you will see our proxy screen which includes the words "Appalachian College Association." Your username and password are as follows:

Username = your last name
Password = your ID card number*, 
replacing any leading zeros with the letters lr

For full instruction, visit our Off-Campus Password page.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Can't find it here? Don't worry! Interlibrary loan (ILL) can deliver it to you electronically.

Click here for more information!

Your Librarian

Profile Photo
Craig Varley
Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville
Lenoir-Rhyne University
36 Montford Ave
Asheville, NC 28801
Room 322
Subjects: Public Health

Library Journal Titles

An easy way to find journals available through the Library is to use the Library Journal Titles tool.

From the library homepage, click "Library Journal Titles" from the main menu in the center of the screen. Using this tool, you can:

  1. Search by periodical title or ISSN/ISBN to see if we have access to a specific journal
  2. Search for journals and eBooks by entering a subject search term. For example, type "sustain*" into the search box to browse journal titles and eBooks related to this subject
  3. Browse journals that focus on specific subjects (such as Sciences) under "Browse by Discipline"

Looking for the full text of a specific journal article? Watch the video to the right to learn how to find it through the Library.

Library Journal Titles from LR University Libraries on Vimeo.

Journals of Interest

Databases, Journals, and Articles

A database contains journals in which articles are published.  

Think of it like this: Picture a rose, any color you like; the petals are the articles, the rose itself is the journal, and the database is the vase that holds the roses. Journals are the volumes that contain specific articles and databases are the storehouses for the journals.

  • To discover articles on topics of interest to you, search our databases - listed by subject here.  
  • If you need to find a specific article and you know the title of the journal in which it is published, search for it in Library Journal Titles