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Information Literacy Support for the First Year Experience

This guide contains materials supporting the information literacy component of the FYE. It is intended for the use of the instructional teams, not for the direct use of FYE students.

Integrating IL in the Classroom

Sample Activities for Integrating IL into Your Classroom Assignments

This activity was submitted by Dr. Karen McDougal and is called The Amazing Library Race. The learning objectives state: "

Following this lab, you should be able to: ·  Use library resources to find scientific literature. ·  Find resources in the Lenoir-Rhyne University library system, and know where to go for library assistance. ·  Cite reference sources correctly. · Prepare a “Literature Cited” section of a lab report. ·  Explain plagiarism, and know when to put information in your own words. ·  Use the LAMP originality system, and understand an originality report.
The top half of this site details ways to create effective assignments such as establishing clear objectives, teaching searching strategies, and listing some potential resources as a starting point. Finally, 5 or 6 example activities are listed.
Arranged in a chart, this site offers alternative assignments to the research paper for teaching students information literacy. It’s organized into activity, the concept behind the activity, and the skills the students should develop upon completion.
This site contains a short, bulleted list of activities to teach students information skills.
Find a list of activities and assignments for students to practice their research skills without the onus of a full-fledged research paper.
This list of creative library assignment for the school’s faculty involves higher-level information literacy skills, but may give you inspiration for designing your own assignments.
Scroll down the page to “Questions to ask when designing an assignment” and “Assignment suggestions” for information unique from the sites listed above.