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Information Literacy Support for the First Year Experience

This guide contains materials supporting the information literacy component of the FYE. It is intended for the use of the instructional teams, not for the direct use of FYE students.

Learning Outcome 3

Distinguish between primary and secondary resources in the context of the course topic. Demonstrate the ability to locate and use these resources, if relevant to course content.

Examples of Sources

Original Documents Examples

interviews, eye-witness accounts, diaries, audio/video recordings, newspapers, speeches, autobiographies, manuscripts, letters/correspondence, constitutions, journal articles reporting new research, personal narratives, maps, surveys, government data (census, hearings, etc.) 

Creative Works Examples
art, poetry, drama, music, photographs, political cartoons

Relics/Artifacts Examples
pottery, weavings, clothing, buildings, furniture

journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, textbooks, book or movie reviews, commentaries/criticisms