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Health Literacy

Find resources and educational materials on health literacy and clear communiciation.

Medical Translator Apps

  • Say Hi Translate
  • Universal Doctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

Cultural Competency

  • Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competency in Health Care
    The Office of Minority Health established the Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competency in Health Care to address the health needs of populations who speak limited English. Its mission is to collaborate with federal agencies and other public and private entities to enhance the ability of the health care system to effectively deliver linguistically appropriate and culturally competent health care to limited English-speaking populations.
  • Think Cultural Health
    This site, sponsored by the Office of Minority Health, offers the latest resources and tools to promote cultural and linguistic competency in health care. You may access free and accredited continuing education programs as well as tools to help you and your organization provide respectful, understandable and effective services.

Multi-language Consumer Health Resources


Adapted from University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library Health Literacy Resource Guide. Used with permission.