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A research guide for art students

Using Resources from Off-Campus

When you try to access library resources online from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with the Appalachian College Association. To login:

username: your last name

password: "lr" + your ID card number deleting any leading zeros.

Example: if your ID number is 000654321, your password would be -- lr654321

Art Magazines @ your library

Library Journal Titles

A scholarly journal is a publication that contains scholarly articles written by professors, researchers, or experts in a subject area.

Library Journal Titles  lists every journal you have access to as a student at Lenoir-Rhyne. You can use it several different ways:

1) If you know the title of the journal, choose the Search tab.

2) If you want to browse journals for a particular subject, choose the Subjects tab.

3) The Journal Finder will also find popular magazines, newspapers, and trade journals that Lenoir-Rhyne subscribes to.

Recommended Art Journals

Databases, Journals, and Articles

A database contains journals in which articles are published.  

  • If you need to find a specific article and you know the title of the journal in which it is published, search for it in Journal Finder
  • To discover articles on topics of interest to you, search our databases - listed by subject here.